AI Engineer in training at Global ID F/H

Lausanne, Switzerland


Global ID a startup based at EPFL, provides authentication technology based on invisible keys that can only be used voluntarily: multi-views of finger veins, hidden and obtainable only with the knowledge of the individual. Multi-views also allow for both anti-spoofing and for very high unicity, thereby scaling security to the international category. Your authenticity is also protected throughout life because vein networks are stable through age.

A single finger scan uniquely authenticates your identity to become the safest, most ethical “digital signature”.

With Global ID technology, organizations no longer need to annoy consumers and citizen with a jungle of pseudo-authentication questions and steps, making processes faster and less annoying. No more time and money wasted re-issuing lost or stolen pseudo authentication information nor devices. Less risk of fraud, losses, and data fines. Speed allows in-process authentication and a safe paperless continuum.

With Global ID technology, consumers and citizen no longer need to disclose non-pertinent personal information data to authenticate themselves, just one finger will do, and only with their knowledge.

To strengthen its expertise in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI), GLOBAL ID is looking for a : AI Engineer in training 100% (starting date: February 2022)

Learn more about the company:  https://global-id.swiss/

Post description

Our company is employing engineers in the field of biometry, cybersecurity and cryptography. Upon selection, successful candidate will work on a specific project during 18 months, while learning AI theoretical skills based on Idiap’s online courses available on the Swiss Distance Learning University platform.

Theoretical courses represent about 50% of the workload. The applicant will have to follow the theoretical training and pass the exams.

The second half of the work is dedicated to the applied learning through the development of a project linked to one of GLOBAL ID ’s domains, such as Biometry, cryptography, vein recognition, cybersecurity, cyberdefense, etc. In collaboration with the Idiap’s R&D team, the candidate will have to:

  • Identify development opportunities to support GLOBAL ID 

  • Define and implement a development project, in agreement with the manager and the researcher/s from IDIAP 

In return, we are offering a paid training, as well as a very dynamic and multicultural working environment.



  • All documentation should be written in French, possibly in English to allow collaborative work with other English-speaking.

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For questions about the offer, please contact Lambert SONNA , CEO +41 21 353 99 89, lambert.sonna@globalid.swiss

Wanted profile

  • Bachelor in Computer Sciences or an equivalent degree

  • Ideally a Master’s degree in mathematics, informatics, artificial intelligence, technology or science,

  • Expertise of Python is mandatory, ideally also C++

  • Advanced level in English (oral and written)

Applications must include usual documents and a cover letter in English.

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